OUAFC Launches New Website

Some of you may know that we have, as a club, had some IT issues over the past couple of years, with our website crashing regularly and not working as we had hoped. We have, therefore, taken the decision to start completely afresh, using more modern platforms that we had been until now.

We are proud to launch this new iteration of the OUAFC website, the address of which is

This website is built on more up-to-date and foolproof software than our older incarnations, which should mean that we cease to experience crashes and are able to maintain it long into the future without expert IT knowledge (which has been one of the major problems of recent years). The website also comes with a couple of new features, such as a dedicated college football news section which should invite more user-generated content in the years to come, as well as a 'donate' section where friends of OUAFC can choose to support the club financially.

Perhaps most excitingly for some of you, we have managed to restore a version of the old website which displays all the stats for the seasons up to 2016-17. This can be accessed via this new website (go to the 'About' dropdown menu and click on 'Historic Stats'), or directly via the old address. If you experience issues using this 'legacy site', then please try using a different browser, or clear your cache.

Much time, work and resources have gone into making this transition, which we as a club hope will mark the definitive end of our IT tribulations. We had hoped that the website we launched late last year would have solved our difficulties, but it transpired that a more radical solution was needed, which we have now implemented. The only thing that has stayed the same is our 'Fixtures & Results' portal (LeagueRepublic) which continues to function without any difficulties.

Finally, I would like to thank, personally and on behalf of the club, Anthony Beaumont for the sheer number of pro bono hours he has put in to realise this transformation; Ben Huston for the work he has put in to resurrect the old website so that people can access their old stats; and finally Karim Mohamed, who designed this new website.

Do feel free to get in touch with any feedback you may have regarding this transformation, and thank you for your patience in recent times.

Omar Mohsen, OUAFC Sabbatical Officer 2017-18